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Felipe Venegas

Santiago, CL – Berlin, DE

Felipe Venegas has cemented his reputation as one of Chile’s finest DJs and producers. Now he joins the Cadenza family on its mission to ignite the dance floors of Europe and beyond. Felipe studied classical music and theory at university in Santiago, but his true musical education took place outside the classroom, in clubs where the likes of Luciano, Dandy Jack, DJ Adrian and Ricardo Villalobos were creating a new culture of sound. Felipe spent his weeks studying Beethoven and Stravinsky, but at the weekends he escaped to the underground electronic music scene, soaking up the spirit of techno, house and acid.

The result of Felipe’s life-long immersion in music is plain to hear in his production. He has released a string of records including Espiritu, Pa Bailar y Pa Gozar, La Reina and Seito on labels such as Cocoon, Supernature, Kling Klong, Cecille, and Immigrant. Felipe is passionate about his Latin heritage and the sensual Spanish vocal is the ribbon tying together Llovizna to make a perfect package of a record. An in-demand DJ, Felipe is accustomed to gracing Chile’s hottest clubs and festivals alongside the likes of Massive Attack, the Human League, Ricardo Villalobos, Tobi Nuemann, Dinky, Tania Vulcano and Luciano. It seems only natural that the Cadenza Records boss should notice Felipe’s explosive talent – his joining with the label seems like fate.

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