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Digitally Remastering The Past

By November 9, 2016Music, News

Here at Immigrant the word quality isn’t used lightly and at the core of our quest for perfection is releasing music of the highest standard – both in terms of content, relevance and sonic value. Back in 1999 when Immigrant released it’s first EP produced by Chi-Towns DJ Jes, the preferred music format for DJ’s was 140/180gm 12” vinyl. Fast forward 16 years to 2016 and we still treasure the immortal black gold, but also ride the crest of the digital revolution, offering 320kbps MP3’s and WAV digital files to our evolving digitally inclined customers.

With the launch of our new website and digital download store we felt compelled to digitally remaster each and every track in our extensive back catalogue for its launch. Our engineer of choice to undertake the project was Casey Hogan, a 20 year veteran DJ, producer, sound designer and broadcast engineer, who has spent a huge chunk of his career working in the Big Apple for many of the world’s largest brands from L’Oréal to Audi.

Not only has the project helped breathe new life into our back catalogue, but has given many older tracks that are now difficult to find on 12” vinyl a new lease of life by becoming relevant once again to a modern DJ and music consumer. We also commission Casey to master all our new music releases, with his clinical work flow and attention to the detail, he makes sure every frequency has it’s place in the mix. The final results are sonically superior tracks with one purpose only – to tear the roof of any party. Many thanks to him for the painstaking job he has done with the 200+ catalogue tracks and we are happy to see him back on the scene delivering consistent techno bangers – meticulously mastered by his own hand (and ears). We hope they’re insured.

Visit our new digital download store here and browse our entire catalogue of digital music and 12” vinyl from the label, past and present.