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Leeds, UK – Berlin, DE

Burnski is by no means the fresh-faced new comer he looks. Despite still being relatively young, he has actually been toiling away, building up an enviable discography and laying down fierce DJ sets for a whole decade and a half. His music is of an effortlessly timeless nature. He doesn’t follow trends or tropes of the day; he focuses on distilling the Detroit and Chicago heritage he admires into his own house and techno sounds. Sometimes deep, sometimes, rough and sometimes more direct; Burnski’s tracks are always sure to blow the roof off clubs across the world. Whether solo or in collaboration with likeminded producers, he only releases on the most respected of labels and has continued to evolve his sound, just like a true musician should.

As a DJ, Burnski aims to mix the old with the new; he is a passionate vinyl hoarder and spends plenty of time digging deep for sounds and styles far from the ordinary; if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be able to boast regular gigs at places like DC10 in Ibiza, Rex Club in Paris and Watergate in Berlin. In the wake of early, standout career hits (some of which stayed atop RA’s Most Charted for several consecutive months), Burnski is now crafting more stripped back and minimal productions. Most of these will be on his own label, alongside old friend and fellow former Back to Basics resident, Jon Woodall. Entitled Constant Sound, the label has taken off to an enviable start with the first releases featuring powerful remixes from Trus’me of Prime Numbers, Steve O’Sullivan of the Mosaic label, Deadbeat, Nail, Kris Wadsworth and S.A.M.

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