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Buenos Aires, AR – Berlin, DE

Mauricio Barembuem (Barem) spent his youth playing blues and rock guitar, but quickly took advantage of the digital revolution in which he was living, soon getting to grips with programmes like Ableton and Reason to start crafting his own electronic sounds: a keen individualist, this form of musical expression was the one Barem really enjoyed. With releases on labels like Foundsound and Minus, he quickly made a name for himself in the techno world.

Influenced by imprints like Perlon, Spectral Sound, Studio One, Ovum, 7th City as well as, of course, Minus, he began on a long journey honing his own unique sonic fingerprint. His first release, the Kleine EP, on free internet label Unfoundsound Records in 2005 was responsible for kicking off Barem’s career. The track ‘Suki’, was picked up by a number of internationally acclaimed DJs and re-released on vinyl label Phonocult two years later. After a few online releases, Barem signed with Minus for the label’s Min2Max compilation with ‘Opal’.

More releases followed on Minus, as Barem style evolved from stark, digital and abstract into a more organic tech house sound as exemplified by his Kolimar EP. The successful releases were accompanied by appearances on major festivals such as Mutek, DEMF, TimeWarp, Tomorrowland, Creamfields and many more across North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

After a period of extensive touring with his live show, Barem got back to releasing music in 2014, with remixes for labels such as Leftroom Limited and Mindshake, and a release on Moon Harbour. 2015 has been a big year for Barem, marking his return to Beatport Minimal number one with his ‘Circles’ track out on SCI+TEC. The summer marked the launch of his new label, FUN Records, with Alexis Cabrera and their collaborative Turn On The Fun EP. The label symbolizes his move away from the predominantly minimal sound from his days at M-nus to a more open-ended mix of house and techno jams. “In the end, it’s just about good music and having fun, just like the label name suggests.”

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