About Us

Immigrant – A Vehicle For Expression

The Immigrant concept was created and launched by British DJ, designer and creative director Robin Porter during a visit to California in the summer of 1998 – a scouting trip that would last a decade until the allure of home resulted in the offices reverting back to the rainy, but musically and culturally rich, city of Manchester. Since its first music release in 1999, the label has become a vehicle for likeminded creatives to express their passion for underground culture with the universal language of music at it’s core – an emotive and primitive communication that unites, inspires and has the ability to heal and bring change.

Immigrant makes authentic and relevant music and fashion products for people that understand and respect our culture. Born and driven by themes of international transit, global culture and human migration, Immigrant is a forward thinking, and constantly evolving lifestyle company with underground music culture forming it’s DNA. It has a defined and unique brand position with a set of values that advocate unity, creativity, individuality, and the celebration of cultural diversity. The company has earned its stripes within the culture by pioneering a unique sound created and performed by visionary musicians who live and breath their craft. Music production to them isn’t a job but a lifestyle that requires the ultimate dedication and we appreciate their commitment. The music label has released productions created by dozens of international artists and continues to host events at some of the world’s most recognised venues and festivals – penning itself a paragraph or two in the annals of dance music history.

Our goal is to stay true to those who have contributed and supported the scene by ‘giving back’ by doing what we do best – pioneering music, finely crafted clothing and events that invite the next generation to enter our world and leave with their eyes wide open to possibility.

‘Without music, life would be a mistake’
– Friedrich Nietzsche